Corrected plans from DfT reveal more then they expect

The Department for Transport have published some corrected maps of the preferred route of HS2.

In doing so, they have inadvertently released some information which they had not made previously made public.  

The errata copies of the files are here on the DfT site.

However, the keyplan (our copy {docs}keyplan-errata-version{/docs} ) of the whole route is not the one they published in March.  This one shows a series of four plans near Calvert/Steeple Claydon in Buckinghamshire.  These weren’t on the keyplan (our copy {docs}keyplanmarch{/docs} ) released in March.  

In fact there is only one reference to these four plans – in a table of lists of drawings in Appendix G of the Route Engineering Study Final Report.   

As for the corrections?  These are details of the spur line to Birmingham: most of the changes are on Map26 near Water Orton.  

The updated maps are
– the keyplan overview of the entire route,
– the keyplan of the Birmingham spur,
map 26
map 27
– West Midlands Junction, map 3

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