Bucks Herald Looks into the Missing Maps

Last week, we reported that the DfT had published a new keyplan map of the entire High Speed Rail route, and that the ‘old’ version they had on their website listed plans they haven’t made public.

The Bucks Herald published a feature on the missing maps in the current edition of the paper: the report is online here.   Senior reporter, Adam King, hopes to bring you more news on this.

In addition, John Bercow MP – whose constituency includes Calvert and Steeple Claydon – is also looking into the matter.

I’d like to encourage everyone to get take action in the campaign against the proposed HS2 route.

Seeing these plans listed didn’t take any special knowledge or skill, it just needed to have someone look at the ‘old’ keyplan and spot the difference.  Don’t assume that someone else will see what you have seen, make sure other people know.

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