New HS2 tactics at Steeple Claydon

Campaigners are fighting against HS2 in different ways at different places.

At Steeple Claydon, a small group of dedicated activists have been preventing HS2 Ltd from digging up 500 acres for their construction site. They’ve down this by standing in front of the gates and stopping HS2 contractors from moving their digger out of its compound.

HS2 were making several attempts a day, so Steeple Claydon campaigners have been there for 10+ hours a day, on a daily basis to prevent the digger coming out.

On Day 16 (yesterday) HS2 have started a new tactic: but in typical HS2 Ltd fashion they found this hard.

They’ve been trying to put in fencing near the site, but their landrover got stuck in the mud.

The local Parish Council have written to Grant Shapps asking that he instructs HS2 to stop the destruction on the site, pending the results of the Oakervee review.

Here are some of the other news items about it:

Steeple Claydon campaigners have already fought off HS2 before, and we wish them every success.

PS If you can help them out, please see the Anti HS2 Save Our Countryside facebook page.

2 comments to “New HS2 tactics at Steeple Claydon”
  1. I took a look at Steeple Claydon on Google Maps and am astonished to see that the satellite view of the site shows how much digging up HS2 has already done there, while the street view shows fields and hedges intact. The devastation HS2 is already causing is so wrong and so distressing to witness.

  2. Well done and keep up the good work Steeple Claydon protectors we are right behind you! The Great Missenden camp have saved the Link Road trees for now,
    Undoubtedly HS2 will not play by any responsible or reasonable rules and we urge all protectors along the line ‘don’t trust HS2’ – it’s owned by a Government that you can not trust!

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