Woodland Trust call for Action

The Woodland Trust have issued a call for action to save ancient woodland from the devastating effect of HS2 preparatory works.

As they say on their website:

At the same time, the future of HS2 looks shakier than ever. The Prime Minister has called a review into the project as its predicted costs spiral.

We face a terrible possibility.
Preparatory works continue ahead of the impending felling of these woods. But with a review due, we could lose these priceless national assets for no reason. They could be trashed for a project that may never happen.

Or worse, the government could decide to cut costs by changing the route and destroying even more ancient woodland.

They have provided a simple email form on their website which will allow you to email Douglas Oakervee (the former chair of HS2 Ltd running the review), Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport and Paul Maynard MP, who now has responsibility for HS2.

We’d really urge you to use their form and add your own comments.

8 comments to “Woodland Trust call for Action”
  1. Please stop this mindless destruction of ancient woodlands and wetlands. Our planet needs every tree and natural space if we are going to fight climate catastrophe.
    It’s your children and generations to come who will suffer unimaginable horrors. Stop all preparations NOW.

  2. Enough is enough. Billions spent but thousands of billions can be saved. Our woodlands gone, nature destroyed.possible water contamination, come on…this should have started in the north where they need it.London to Birmingham is not necessary.

  3. Please stop this awful destruction to our wonderful countryside…
    we are going to loose far more than we will ever gain from it!

  4. Please stop Hs2.
    The total desecration of trees & our precious land is beyond belief.
    Nothing & no one matters as long as money rules.

  5. Hello, please stop HS2 and save this vital woodland. There are far too few remaining.



  6. Stop this desecration of ancient woods and countryside now. It can never be replaced. Someone please take a deep breath and realise what is happening and not only in cost but our country.

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