Mother and Son to Walk HS2 Line

On Monday, Matthew Bishop, along with his mother Gerry will begin walking along the line of HS2 from Cubbington in Warwickhire. The pair hope that people will be able to join them as they set off each day and will be logging their process on their Facebook Page, Walk the Line – Stop HS2. Their initial target is to get to Colne Valley to attend the “Nature invites you to witness its destruction” event there on Saturday 27th (and Sunday 28th) April.

They will be leaving Mill Lane in Cubbington at 10 am. For information on where and when they will be setting off on other days, please consult their Facebook Page.

Matthew said: “The idea came to me when I was watching a speech from Tony Benn a few years ago. He said that in history when Governments don’t listen to people – when campaigning doesn’t work, letters don’t work, the last resort is to walk. People have forgotten that they do have power and can make change happen. We have to walk together. Some of history’s greatest democratic rights were earnt by the courage to walk.”

“The proposed track cuts through the heart of the local countryside and areas of woodland that have been a haven of peace for town dwellers since my childhood. And from the edge of London to Birmingham, across 100 miles of English countryside the story is repeated over and over. So many people are being bullied into submission by a Government backed corporate power.”




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  1. Well done for taking action to stop the Heart being ripped from the Heart of England. Thank you.

  2. Good luck I hope you have lots of people following you. HS2 should be stopped in it’s tracks now. It will be an environmental disaster. Sorry I can’t be with you.

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