New HS2 Ltd Chairman Realises HS2 Business Case is “Disingenuous”

Yesterday Allan Cook, the new chairman of HS2 Ltd appeared in front of the House of Commons Transport Select Committee. After Penny and I live tweeted what was happening during the meeting I’ve been trudging through the video of the session to bring you the highlights. And I don’t mind saying it’s been hard work. Not because I’m self-taught at video editing and working with free software, but because he is just mind-meltingly boring. He just talks and talks and talks, but manages to say absolutely nothing.

So we will have more tomorrow, but as we said in the update email we sent out yesterday (if you didn’t get it, you are not on our mailing list and a very naughty person, but you can rectify that here) we would have something on the website today, so here is a real gem.

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