HS2 Phase 2b consultation ending soon

The Phase 2b Environmental Statement Consultation ends on Friday 21st December at 11.45 pm, and we’d like to encourage everyone to respond to it.  For full details on how to respond, please see the Government’s consultation webpage here.

The Woodland Trust have provided a handy quick response tool, which is available here .

However we would encourage everyone who is affected by HS2 to look at the plans for their areas and include their views on these.  Detailed local knowledge is very important, even something apparently small such as a particular lane is widely used and will be greatly affected.

  • The full set of documents can be accessed from the gov.uk website here.
  • The route wide effects are described in the document here.
  • Local effects can be found in the set of documents here and the maps here.
  • Off route effects – where their effects are known – are in this document.  These include stations, depots and other parts of the conventional railway.

In addition to the government documents , a number of local papers have detailed some of the effects.  These include the following, but please look at your local news site for more details local to you:

The consultation will close at 11:45pm on Friday 21st December 2018

The Government’s consultation webpage here.

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