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The petition tool on the Parliamentary website always gets taken down when there is an election, and it normally takes a while for it to get put back up. Well now it finally has been put back up, so of course we’ve got a new petition against HS2 which we hope you will sign it – the petition is here.

The text, which is just inside the very strict character limit is:

Cancel HS2 immediately and repeal the 2013 and 2017 High Speed Rail Acts.

HS2 is a vanity project, lobbied for by the firms who will make billions out of building it, at a time of continued austerity and cuts to essential services. Independent economists, rail experts and environmentalists have all heavily criticised the project, but Governments have refused to listen

HS2 is not a ‘magic wand’ to cure the North-South divide. All the international evidence shows it will reinforce the dominance of London and increase regional divisions.

In 20 years HS2 would deliver capacity where it is needed the least, with the lowest flexibility, at the greatest cost, whilst more beneficial rail projects have already been cancelled.

The official cost of HS2 has almost quadrupled since it was proposed in 2008, and it will carry on rising unless it is immediately cancelled.

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13 comments to “Please Sign Our Petition Against HS2”
  1. Hs2 will devastate an area of natural beauty at the Misk Hills Hucknall long referred to as the beginning of the Penine chain,this area has been untouched for at least Fifty years ,it will be a tragic loss.Please don’t tell me that it is a forgone conclusion that this vandalism is already signed ,sealed and delivered

  2. I think John is correct. The Stop HS2 campaign needs a much higher profile and lots more signatures.
    Projects like HS2 seem to have their own momentum and it will take much work and publicity to stop it.
    A lobby group of the MP’s through which the proposed route passes and who oppose the project could help. What is encouraging is that politicians from all parties seem to have their doubts. The appalling facts of this vanity project need restating to the British people.

  3. I just don’t understand why the petition is going so slowly

    Where are the followers of;
    Taxpayers alliance
    Woodlands trust
    Green Party
    Friends of the earth

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