Last Chance to Respond to Environmental Statement Consultation

The Consultation on the Environmental Statement for Phase 2a of HS2 will close on 30th September.  Like previous Environmental Statements, it’s a nightmare to go through as it combines being highly complex and completely half-arsed in equal measure.

Whilst there are many local concerns which will be raised in the detail by the groups who are aware of them, the Woodland Trust have made it easy for anyone to respond on the issue of how HS2 continues to devastate ancient woodland.

So if you would like to share this message with HS2 Ltd:

“I would like to register my opposition to the loss and damage of ancient woods and trees as part of the HS2 Phase 2a project.”

“The environmental statement indicates that 17 ancient woods will be damaged or lost and 27 ancient or veteran trees destroyed.”

“Ancient woods and trees are some of the UK’s most diverse and valuable habitats. I find their loss and damage unacceptable.”

“Please ensure alternative options to destroying ancient woodland are found. A start would be to develop a tunnel under Whitmore Wood in Staffordshire to protect this precious habitat.”

Plus of course whatever else you’d like to say, then visit the Woodland Trust tool, and you can do just that.

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  1. People that sit in their ivory towers should be made to live for 6 months near the proposed HS2 is going to be built to be made to understand how the countryside works.
    Hopefully they will see the error of their ways.

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