Dennis Skinner: The government should “get real” and reassess HS2

Never one to mince his words, Dennis Skinner launched a blistering attack on Chris Grayling this week, for his continued support of HS2.

2 comments to “Dennis Skinner: The government should “get real” and reassess HS2”
  1. All this discussion about the route is playing into Grayling”s hands as it accepts that hs2 will be built in some form.

    The real emphasis must be on the cost as it affects the whole country.
    Where are the relevant parliamentary committees and the Treasury who are supposed to be custodians of our money

  2. Stop the HS2 from cutting the town of Long Eaton in half. Most of us can’t afford to travel on British Rail as it is. We will never be able to afford to travel on the HS2. The majority of us live and work within a short travelling distance of our homes so who is the HS2 for. The fat cats that work in the cities but want to take up our homes in the country-side.

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