Thursday deadline for PACAC submissions

The deadline for the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) inquiry into HS2 Ltd is Thursday 11th February.

The background to the inquiry is the November 2015 publication of the PHSO Report of the results of an investigation into a complaint about High Speed 2 Ltd (HS2 Ltd). That investigation looked at HS2 Ltd’s communication and engagement with a particular group of residents, including how it had handled complaints. It found that “overall HS2 Ltd’s actions fell below the reasonable standards we would expect, so much so that they constituted maladministration.” The report made several recommendations about the steps HS2 Ltd should take to put matters right and to improve its service.

Jonathan Loescher, who brought to complaint to the PHSO

‘Mr D’ aka Jonathan Loescher, who brought his complaint to the PHSO

That inquiry happened because one switched-on resident, Mr Jonathan Loescher, knew that by collating all his complaints he had the option to go to the PHSO. This is why the PHSO only looked at the hamlet of Flats Grave Lane andKnox Lane, but now the PACAC will look at everywhere and they are calling for written evidence on:

  • The quality and content of the PHSO’s report
  • The quality of HS2 Ltd’s communication and engagement with residents who may be affected by HS2
  • The way in which HS2 Ltd deals with complaints about its engagement with residents
  • Ways in which HS2 Ltd could improve its communication and engagement with residents who may be affected by HS2
  • Ways in which HS2 Ltd could improve its complaint handling procedures

Stop HS2 will be submitting evidence, and if you would like us to include your information, please email it to by midnight on Wednesday at the latest.

You can also submit evidence directly from the Committee’s website – the form is here

We’ve been asked to remind you that submissions that do not meet the terms of reference may not be accepted – full details are here.

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