Vanity, All is Vanity

This poem is by John:

Vanity, vanity all is vanity,
Top it up with a bit of insanity?
Here we are talking about HS2,
that’s a project not to do.

Approved by Premier Cameron & Chancellor Gideon,
Makes you wonder what they were on!

The project comic,
The cost astronomic.

So far they’ve spent a billion and a quarter,
We all know that’s just for starters.
The ultimate cost, north of £80bn., that’s not funny,
Osborne’s concerned, No! it’s just taxpayers’ money.

Original object get to Birmingham quicker,
hardly time for any liquor.

But now it’s a train from North to South,
The object to get to London as fast as poss,
The passenger target, many a boss,
Won’t do any work, just food in the mouth.

The original aim of the HS assertion,
Faster journey times, that’s much defeated.
The net result of all this exertion,
The UK bank account much depleted.

Who’s going to pay for this nonsense, the Chinese?
We want you to imagine, Mr. Cameron on his knees.

John (Cameron)

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