A Christmas craft project

We published these trains from HS2 Buzz last year, but we thought with the long weekend for Christmas you might like to see them again.

If you do build a train, we’d love to see pictures on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #stophs2 .

You can download all of the ‘cut out and build’ sections of the “North South Train” (formerly HS2) by clicking on the images:

Cutout train - Politicians armoured carriage

The Politicians armoured carriage

Cutout train southbound carriage

The Southbound Carriage

Cutout train - northbound carriage

The Northbound Carriage

Cutout train - Scottish carriage

The Scottish carriage

Cutout train - The Chinese Carriage

The Chinese Carriage

Cutout train - engine

HS2 – The Saviour of the North

These build into an exiting model train to keep you very busy, right through Christmas, cutting out all the little wheels and suchlike.

Before you ask, “yes we did build them”, I had to… otherwise I wouldn’t know if it would construct properly. Just in case someone actually did want to make their own HS2.

With name changes (HS2 to North South Train) and then the addition of Dave’s Chinese mates there were prototypes, the one I built was number 1.5.

Incidentally there is still a, yet to be created, “carriage 5″ (Chinese is actually carriage 6) should anyone out there want to customise it. You can download a template here.

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