My Chocolate Christmas Cake

By Gloria

My 2016 Christmas cake has chocolate added too!

Stop HS2 in Mince Pies

I know it’s great extravagance, but what else could I do?
My plan was for a traditional one, a fruity nutty cake,
But my boys thought something trendy would be a better British bake.
They spoke oh so convincingly of trying something grand,
So mum gave in and made it, with their youthful helping hand,
It is waiting for its topping, maturing in a tin
Though I cannot get excited at the thought of tucking in,
It is far too rich in my mind; when many never see,
A slice of any cake at all to serve at Christmas tea.

This year the HS2 retains its place upon the plan,
Whilst developing in complexity from the day it first began,
Our old and trusted railways, that have carried us for years,
Are to be replaced by high speed trains; more chaos, debt and tears,
The Consultation Road Shows have promoted Andrew’s dream,
To gain support of residents affected by the scheme,
Now waiting for the Hybrid Bill to be finalised in Law,
When the truth will out and we will see what we are heading for,
A railway for the wealthy, while most will have to face,
Queues of endless traffic as they go from place to place.

I’m costing out this Christmas, with future years in mind,
Next year we might revert back to the ‘fruity nutty’ kind,
We have an expectation of good value, and good taste,
But we mustn’t let ourselves put our hard earnings down to waste,
We may even need to spare the cake, save money and get trim,
Think what Christmas really means, and pull the reins back in!

My best wishes to you all this Christmas.


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