Tree of the year – Winner to be announced today

A couple of weeks ago, voting closed in the Woodland Trust competition for Tree of the Year, with the Cubbington Pear Tree which would be felled if HS2 goes ahead making the final ten.

With just three days to go, the Woodland Trust Facebook page revealed that the Cubbington Pear Tree was out in front, ahead of some of the most famous and historically significant trees in the country.

The winner will be announced on Countryfile tonight, on BBC1 between 6.15 and 7.15. Here’s and interview with Cubbington Action Group Chair, Peter Delow recorded when the competition was ongoing.

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  1. The Dome waste is dwarfed by HS2 wanton waste. Duncan Smith pays out Millions to East Europeans from your tax takes and Osborne and Cameron waste more on a futile routes. UK is adrift and morally indefensibility not to stop becomes Conservative Mantra on several policies of gross waste. UK is out of control of your future due to misguided legislation MPs created.

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