AP4 petitioning deadline – Friday 13th November

Just a reminder that the deadline for petitions relating to AP4 have to be in by Friday 13th November.

Opening hours for the petitioning office are

Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm
Friday: 10am to 2pm.

Details of AP4 are here https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/supplementary-environmental-statement-3-and-additional-provision-4-october-2015.

Our updated guide to petitioning is here:


3 comments to “AP4 petitioning deadline – Friday 13th November”
  1. It seems if you are a MP it’s a piece of cake to sell your mansion under the hardship scheme brought in to help sell your home due to blight of hs2 . The MP Mr Bridgen as sold his home to hs2 for close to 2million pounds no doubt because in could not them to bend the track around his estate like George Osborne the whole lot stinks of corruption and they should be giving every one a property bond on there home that they have put there life’s work into if you agree please let us all know

  2. Have you better and different requirements to Dave and George. Are they presiding over betterment or decline. Are they marking time or ineffective. What are your needs. Does HS2 inspire you or alarm you. Time communities were not left to the suffering pressures of this railway and being run down by lack of local progress.

  3. Petition and raise matters previously forgotten and also updates on the lack of follow through from the Select Committee petitioning with HS2. You have to be in it to win it.
    Petition on as Churchill said KBO. Best of British to change the worst of political planning since time began. HS2 Route 3 a very poor and inconsiderate and unacceptable imposition.

    They have a problem hearing you and helping relieve the anxious impacts. Tell them again. Each of the family can petition. Does not have to be one person but can be each. More people the merrier.

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