Camden & Euston – AP3 petitioning

On 8 September HS2 Ltd announced their new plans for the redevelopment of Euston station and surrounding areas.  This was subsequently presented to Parliament as an Additional Provision to the HS2 Hybrid Bill – known as “AP3″.

AP3 substantially changes the effects of HS2 on the people of Camden, resulting in an increase of property blight, disruption, ill health and damage to residents and businesses throughout the borough, whilst still delivering no benefits. 

The new plans will:

  • Increase the construction period of Euston by 7 years to an estimated completion date of 2033 (according to HS2’s latest statement, though informally we have been told that the plan is to continue into the 2040s if sufficient funds can be raised)
  • Have devastating effects on air quality, pollution and health. London’s toxic air quality breaches EU limits already but because AP3 will substantially increase HGV movements throughout the borough during construction, this will get much worse – as will the impacts on human health. AP3 will mean more lorries, necessitate multiple road closures and displace regular traffic into residential streets, increasing danger to residents, pedestrians and cyclists alike.
  • And much, much more…..

Many more roads throughout the borough will now be affected than was previously planned.

For further details, see  Camden Council’s summary of AP3


All documents relating to Additional Provision 3 (AP3) can be accessed via the Government’s website.

Camden Council has also produced a quick guide to the new provisions and documents.  Read Camden Council’s guide here.

In Camden hard copies will be available to view in the following libraries:

Swiss Cottage Central Library
Pancras Square Library
Camden Town Library
Kentish Town Library
Kilburn Library Centre

You can view further details of how you can obtain, or where you can view, hard copies of the documents below:

Obtaining hard copies
Locations of hard copies


The chance to comment on these appalling new developments is provided by a fresh petitioning process.

This began on Friday 25 September and will close on Friday 23 October.

To see how the area in which you live is affected by AP3, view documents on the Government website and read Camden’s guide to these documents.

For expert advice on the petitioning process, please attend one of Camden’s petitioning workshops

If you are ‘directly and specially affected’ by these changes, you can formally petition. Petitioning in this sense is the legal process by which you can object to a Bill in Parliament. It doesn’t matter if you submitted a petition on the HS2 Bill in 2014 or not – if you are affected by the changes, this is a fresh chance to have your say.

Camden Council will be petitioning and responding to AP3 and will share drafts of its petition on its website a week before the final submission is due, for your information and assistance.

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  2. All send in a petition to show your despair about the lack of commuter considerations. First stop Birmingham is crazy Cameron Adonis Hoon idea. No stops to Birmingham. No Bicester no Banbury no Royal Leamington. Crazy railway.

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