Labour Conference Competition

Stop HS2 ran a competition at Labour Conference. The answers are:

  1. Which Yorkshire MP changed his  mind on HS2 after looking at the evidence, saying he had been “conned by the spin” and that HS2 would “suck  more life out of the regions”

    C) Barry Sheerman MP

  2. Which academic quit his advisory role at HS2 and described a report from KPMG extolling the benefits of HS2 as “garbage in…” and “essentially made up”?

    E) Professor Henry Overman

  3. Who was the only Labour Leadership candidate to never express  concerns about HS2?

    D) Liz Kendall MP

  4. Who described HS2 modelling as ‘shocking’, ‘potty’ and ‘bonkers’, with her committee remaining  “concerned about the  ability to deliver HS2 on time and budget”?

    B) Margaret Hodge MP

  5. Which member of the Lords Economic Affairs Committee said during an evidence session: “The more I hear from HS2 Ltd, the more I wouldn’t trust them to mow my lawn”?

    A) Lord May of Oxford

The winner was Brian Haddon from London

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One comment to “Labour Conference Competition”
  1. The Hon. Mr Justice Ouseley High Court Judge advised in Court to take the matter of alternative HS2 route changes to the petitioning. The MPs removed this option by gagging the Select Committee from considering the route alignments: Corbyn says be kinder

    Please use your opportunity to state where the STEAL from you and your community has produced the raw deal you have got care of the MPs who determined the gagging orders on your rights and by their denial of your legitimate expectations.

    MPs and Parishes can make the point that you were cornered by the Conservative Coalition Steal and Corbyn has been too willing not to give you the change and straight talking he said last week he wished to encourage. Corbyn is not pulling his weight on a number of issues he is ducking and weaving from by distinguishing secondary ideas. Corbyn’s fresh approach was shortlived and he and his Party have disappeared from the headlines. HS2 is damaging construction project in the wrong place and offering a poor proposition. Cameron denied you the right to challenge the route alignment contrary to The Hon, Mr Justice Ouseley’s direction to the objectors. Remind the Select Committee of this injustice in your petition please.

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