Tree of the Year Nominee set to be destroyed by HS2

Peter Delow interviewed about the Cubbington Pear Tree, Warwickshire, which will be destroyed if HS2 goes ahead.

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3 comments to “Tree of the Year Nominee set to be destroyed by HS2”
  1. When you present your petition question the truth of words and phrases in the Promoter's Response: Tell the MPs where the statements in the Response are not true, omit aspects and distort the impacts: What mitigations What communication and who decides

    Have you digested the Promoter’s Response to the petition and wondered how and who has cut and pasted words that do not reflect the truth, the whole situation. How will Clause 51 to take away your rights to objection work when the words are wide scoped survey: What is reasonable. The bulldozer approach to CFAs gave exxperience of your lack of weight of advice and cautions and requirements for change.

    Take the mitigation and compensation areas first to not use all the time on worries and concerns when there are significant requirements to be achieved.

    The Promoter representatives are practised at repeating misrepresentations YOU KNOW the distortions and local impacts. Identify the untruths and distortions in the sessions. Do not fall for being bluffed by remote statements please. Emphasise untruths and misrepresenations when these are made. Speak about being taken for granted. Time to face down the HS2 distortions and untested statements.

  2. UK gone Pear Shaped as MPs realising they are not good at policy making. Some say the PM and Chancellor do not have credible plans given the begging bowl request to China and others. PM and MPs not credible at governance. Who can save the nations slide pl

    Certainly people are very worried about the declaration to the Chinese it is all yours. All the land seized at fire sale prices and the communities damaged for no local benefit. Chinese funding power stations and a railway without stations that does not enable local people to use it locally.

    What a shortcoming with a two track railway led by a person overpaid by 10 times. The Route 3 i in the wrong alignment with no commuter stations at in Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire. Policies and plans. The loss of the national capable groups enabled a few inexperienced people as PMs and Senior Civil Servants to ruin this nation and its peoples prosperity. Time to change the 5 year term and introduce an emergency Government. The MPs have let power an petty politics to go to their heads. HS2 what a poor proposal. Higgins is down under whilst the waste continues to fund people who should be on the current railway. Brown taking over TFL and Hendy Network Rail. The nation is sinking faster. Where are the rescue team.

  3. Osborne is destroying the British workers and spending more than Labour's reckless era which Corbyn considers following suite with: What has gone wrong to increase debts and deficits in the next 20 years

    Y HS2 serves only one quarter of the British land area for 7 locations. Three quarters of the British land area will remain uncommutable during working days by high speed rail. With one line each way and no Javelin services and intermediate stations the fare box will be lower than the WCML and ECML currently. DFT HS2 and two Prime Ministers and two Deputy Prime Minsters failed to determine the problem and have left Britain in a mounting debt and deficit era ahead. Ego driven out of control arrogance and eager mandarins have positioned the UK in the dragons den with no cash only debt available for a growing population displacing British from jobs more and more.

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