Stop HS2 at the Labour Party Conference

Just to let you know Stop HS2 will be at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, which starts today. We’ll be at Stand 100, and it would be great to see you there.

The Stop Hs2 elephant will be outside some of the time – please take pictures of her.

Meanwhile heres the other seaside town she was at yesterday – outside the Green Party conference in Bournemouth:Stop HS2 elephant in Bournemouth at Green Party Conference

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  1. Politics and the UK is deviod of competent capabilities with proper governance and Party politics plus media will not provide the changes the UK must have to prevent further abuses by PMs and Parties

    Corbyn expounds and Cameron/Blair/Brown practice(d) the abuse which arises from the Tatcher and Major separation of assets from bodies of planning, implementation and control. British Rail Board and the railway management capabilities that produced the ran affairs until Young and later Byers applied political direct controls with the few MP minsters and the few civil servants. This lead to an inconsiderate HS2 under-resourced and without a track record and prior experience producing a plan with no local and regional benefits.

    The demise of the UK in several key areas has resulted in the loss of specialist governance outside the direct control of the single PM and a few yes people. In Energy is Defence, in Transport and in Bank Regulation and also in the influx of hundreds of thousands of East Europeans and millions of destitute strife driven people the UK is becoming down graded and exposed to begging from others with many strings attached to reducing international influences and rough shod measures in the UK.

    So the white elephants are no herds no Nellie alone.

    The Hybrid Bill process with curbed powers of a Select Committee, on what basis is it Select but selected to toe the Elite line and which intervenes too late in the jobs done process where the Planning Inspectorate and Planning inquiries and local SEAs were forbidden to come to the aide of the lack of benefits to locals and with mitigations funded to remove the damages to communities both natural and social.

    Corbyn and Cameron and the media practice obsessions with internal party and Parliamentary power demonstrate that democracy not with a deeper governance context of competent, establish authority does not lead to considerate and rational and checked approaches. Coupled with fixed term Parmiaments and supra legal dogma from Europe has and is leading to decline faster in the UK than was ever imagined at the time of Thatcher and Kinnock. The weakness of Major and the arrogance of Blair and the liberalisation of the media and its intrusive part on the celebrity and small cliche discussions of ideas has crucified the chance of the UK emerging from the slide into more abuse from Westminster and limp weak approaches to those imposed detrimental legislation measures and the autocratic Hybrid Bill. What are the party conferences for except to raise subscriptions and create adoring groups of people not able to see the wrong the current processes have and are having in and on the UK population. Time to realsie that the mother of Parliaments is not the cure for the ills in the UK and elsewhere. HS2 was an abuse on the counties and is. The poor planning inconsiderate PMs and several people posing as Ministers/SOSs and several Permanent Secretaries including the incumbant have overiden all local and regional benefits to transport that could have some from a better and more thought through approach than Munro and Sir David Rowland dictated on false economic and little transport planning. Corbyn and the few around Corbyn have missed these points that losing British Gas, British Rail and the UKAtomic Energy Authority and the BAA all resulted in the loss of the calibre, capacities and capabilities that enabled the UK to overcome the post war period. Privatisation with the loss of the authorities of understanding complexities killed any chance of the UK further progressing as a society approaching 70 million and more. The colonialisation imposed by Europe to have East Europeans staffing the coffer chains and shops has displaced the British from rudimentary positions and the Civil Service has not corrected under Butler to O’Donnel to the present the policies, approaches and planning to reverse the trends Farage and other wrongly feel are about the membership in Europe. It is the politics of Europe including those of the UK that are wrong for the 21st Century and with the media the 650 plus 1000 in Europe and the special advisers and spinners are simply stealing land and hoodwinking others to result in more Hybrid Bills and abuses. Time to change. Where are the saviours. They are not the current cadre of people in Number 10 and Number 11 or in Islington and Hayes and Liverpool. Wake up Britian HS2 Y is not the project to demonstrate how to get right the dilema causing infrastructures the UK can better address. Great British mistakes include this HS2 Y. Well because politicians conveniently forgot to ask who Guards the Guards. They had a chance to build in balance and selfishly did not do anything about the flaws.

  2. If you get the chance can you ask why and not let the case for High Speed Rail get mixed with making a case for a new rail line. eg capacity??

    • High Speed Rail costs upto 4 times more than conventional rail.
    • High Speed Rail is only 20% faster than the best conventional rail.
    • Conventional rail has the flexibility to add a station in 50 years if needed. High Speed rail does not have flexibility.
    • Conventional rail uses ¼ of the energy of High Speed Rail and requires the equivalent of 2 new power stations when we do not have energy to run existing new electric lines.

    • It is like making a case for a family car and using tax payers money to by a Ferrari! (The Chinese investment will only cover 40% of the cost at best and what deal would be done in exchange?)

    • Please ask why it is worth 4 times more money to save a few minutes? Yes the North Koreans and Spain have one but do we model ourselves on North Korea or Spain? Other countries have scrapped High Speed Rail plans … see California, Indonesia etc

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