Jim O’Neill at the Economics Affairs Committee

This week, Jim O’Neill, from the City Growth Commission, has been appointed as Commercial Secretary of the Treasury and will be heavily involved in the “Northern Powerhouse”. But Jim is very skeptical of HS2, as this clip from earlier this year shows.

Professor Lord May of Oxford is so appalled by the behaviour of HS2 Ltd that he says he would trust few people involved with HS2 to mow his lawn. Then, giving evidence, respected Mancunian economist and chair of the Cities Growth Commission, Jim O’Neill, reveals that the leaders of northern cities are unwilling to listen to the strong evidence that shows it would be far preferable for northern cities to be better connected to each other rather than connected by HS2 to London.
House of Lords Ecomonics Affairs Committee: Economic Case for HS2, 13th January 2015

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