Some recent news items

Financial Times: Folly of a £50bn HS2 project must hit the buffers

getWestLondon: Frustration after local issues ignored on Question Time in Uxbridge

Yorkshire Post: Thousands to be spent on HS2 lobbying campaign

Independent: A Budget for One Nation?

Independent: The key advice for the Northern Powerhouse is ‘small is bountiful’

Guardian: Ex-Goldman Sachs man talks sense on HS2

Dutch News: The Fyra high-speed train debacle cost the Dutch state €11bn

Mail: HS2 fight goes on, say campaigners

BBC: Five big questions that will soon need answering

Financial Times: Simple projects deliver the best results

Institute of Economic Affairs: Google might have an alternative to HS2

Get Bucks: Cheryl Gillan vows to carry on protesting against HS2

Wildlife Articles: The secrets of the UK’s Ancient Woodland- why we must protect it from HS2

Edinburgh News: Luxury plan to make rail travel ‘glamorous’ again

French Public Enquiry Rejects South West TGV Lines

Business Information Portal: Fears raised over HS2 impact on regional rail projects…

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