Lizzy’s Reply to Graham Evans

As we said last week, Graham Evans MP slammed the Stop HS2 campaign in the House of Commons.  His comments were based on what was said in a letter by Philip Hammond, which he sent to all Members of Parliament, after Stop HS2 sent each MP an email invitation to our convention.

On Thursday Lizzy Williams, chair of Stop HS2, emailed Graham Evans about his remarks.  Parts of the email have been published by the media, so we reproduce it in full below:

From: Lizzy Williams <>
Date: 10 February 2011 17:35
Subject: STOP HS2
To: —@—

Dear Mr Evans,

I recently sent you an invitation to attend the STOP HS2 National Convention, as a guest, in order to listen to informed debate about High Speed 2.

You chose to make offensive remarks about my organisation in the press rather than responding to my invitation, calling our members a “ragtag alliance of luddites and nimbys”. You also claim ” “A recent email to Members from the Stop HS2 campaign was riddled with inaccuracies, exaggerations and distortions.” I would be extremely grateful if you could reply to my invitation in detail providing evidence for your claims.

Not the kind of professional or courteous response I would expect from any member of parliament or professional. I sincerely hope that the statements reported are inaccurate and you have been misrepresnted.

I am extremely disappointed you decided to take this course of action if the reports are indeed accurate.

Should you genuinely desire an open debate  “so that these falsehoods can be tackled head-on” I would more than happy to oblige at a suitable public event. I can not understand however, your reluctance to take the opportunity to attend the convention and indeed do exactly what you suggest. You were made aware every session included questions and answers.

I will be issuing my own press release in response to your claims within the next twenty four hours and I will inform the press that I have contacted you, and indeed spoken to your office this afternoon to express my disappointment.

I am not a luddite or a NIMBY and I would welcome the opportunity to converse with you in a professional manner.

Yours faithfully

Lizzy Williams
STOP HS2 “The National Campaign against High Speed Rail 2”
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