North Warwickshire HS2 Hustings

The parliamentary constituency of Warwickshire North is the number one target for the Labour Party in the upcoming General Election. The reason for that is simple, it’s the place where last time they lost by the smallest margin, as Conservative Dan Byles, who is stepping down after just one term, beat the sitting MP Mike O’Brien by just 54 votes.

There is no question that HS2 is going to be a massive issue in the constituency and could decide the result. The history of voting in this constituency shows that it might not be as simple as a straight fight between the main two parties and others may have a chance to come in up the rails. For example, in 1997, despite there being a drop over over 5,000 in the turnout, there was a swing to Labour of over 13,000. With the winning total last time being just 18,993, a similar outcome could see anyone get in.

As such the Polesworth HS2 Action Group is holding a hustings event on 15th March for all candidates at 7.30 at Polesworth School, Dordon Road, B78 1DT.

To submit questions prior to the event, email

The Stop HS2 campaign hopes that just one of the things action groups should be consider doing in the run-up to the election, is to hold similar events in your constituency.

There are of course lots of other things to do, more information to follow.

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