Westminster Hall debate on HS2, 25th March

Next Wednesday, during the last fortnight of Parliament before the General Election, there’s going to be a debate on HS2. The debate, which was arranged by Cheryl Gillan, MP for Chesham & Amersham, will be in Westminster Hall on 25 March 2015 between 2.30 and 4.00PM.

Please make sure you let your MP know about the debate and ask him or her to attend.

One comment to “Westminster Hall debate on HS2, 25th March”
  1. Who blocked out your sunshine in the past 5 years.

    What is meant by devolution for raising £19Billion for part of the Northern upgrade to HS3. Does it mean that Manchester and Sheffield and Leeds based businesses have to pay this to have the route. Is the comment from Osborne code for you will all have to pay.

    Was it the Fat Controller’s Shadown or more Moon Shine on Friday from the pontificating MPs raving about HS2 and HS3. Possibly they were blinded by the light and failed to HS3 when the HS2 flew in the wrong trajectory.

    Debates were not robust at the right time from 2009 to 2012. It is fresh commitments from the next MP’s to reverse this squandering mistaken project. Electioneering spinology will not deliver the reveral it is the reduction of the three parties numbers of MPs that is required to raise genuine local issues and priorities from the stifling of local manifestos for party dogma.

    Debate the need for more minority representations in the UK Parliament to obtain stronger clarification debates and better decision making than arose from President Camermoon and the Sunshine Kids. Time for change in the composition of Parliamentary local representations. Select a local focussed interest not a larger party club member please.

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