HS2 “incompetent & shambolic” – and won’t help the north

Leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett, is asked how to improve the northern economy. From Leaders Live (ITV), 26th November 2014.

North West London residents face years of serious disruption – all for the government’s white elephant vanity project. The local MP, Nick Hurd (Conservative) describes the organisation of HS2 Ltd as “incompetent and shambolic”. Tom Edwards reports from Ickenham for BBC London News, 25th November 2014.

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  1. The Vote is coming to change the MPs who in the last months accept they have not funded the NHS adequately. The A&E and delayed operations and the buldge from new arrivals to the UK wanting GP andf hospital services are evidence of failures to prevent public service dips.

    Next is electricity for the much larger than predicted numbers of new arrivals.

    When one Minister said his Ministry was not fit for purpose it is possible this was not the only area and under delivery performance.

    For the people in some pro-HS2 MP consituencies the clammer to reduce the pace and place of HS2 and change the current route there is the need to change the voting from incumbents to more vigorous people to support the unwelcomed HS2 in the wrong place.

    Current public swings are only one half of the number needed to change the local MP. Can the local areas widen the reversals where majorities were previously 30% of the voting totals please. The I tried to help theme is now being pursued by some of the those who did not try hard to recognise what many of the people across the counties recognised the HS2 railway is poor value for hard to find money.

    • I greatly enjoyed reading this piece, though I was slightly mystified by some parts; for instance-

      “…the need to change the voting…to more vigorous people to support the unwelcomed HS2 in the wrong place.”(!?) Support? Encourage?

      However, I must say that I share your concern about electric power supplies.

      Experience teaches us that when the load is shed and power cuts result in blackouts, then, within a twelvemonth, there will follow what you suggest, namely “the much larger than predicted number of new arrivals.”

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