New Year’s Resolutions

In a few month’s time – in May – the next General Election will be held. Political parties are looking at what they want to achieve if they form the next government, and what the country’s finances will be like.

It’s clear that austerity measures will continue: meanwhile serious spending will start on HS2.

Political parties are now looking closely at what they really what to do, where they can cut back and what they can cancel completely.

Cancelling HS2 will save the country £50 billion over the next few years, and an unknown amount of subsidy far into the future.

Many of our supporters have already written to their MP – often several times. However it would be great if you could also write to the prospective Parliamentary candidates from the other parties as well. It’s vital that they look closely at HS2.

You could point out the cost and the budget overruns, the environmental destruction, the problems and the delays with announcing not just Phase 2, but the compensation schemes and the plans for Euston.

There is a list of candidates on this website, but you may be able to find candidates by searching on the name of your constituency and the names of the different political parties.

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