Not priced, no route and not high speed

On Monday, the Government announced HS3 – but with no route, no costs and no timetable.

Here are some of the news reports:


We’ve got a load more reports on the Stop HS2 Youtube channel – please check it out.

2 comments to “Not priced, no route and not high speed”
  1. So what’s your alternative? It’s all very well objecting to a plan, no matter how poor, to transport passengers over, or under, the Pennines, but what’s your alternative?

  2. HS3 is to create pull through for HS2 and not for the next decade. People want a seat and lower cost commutes not these spectalulars of make believe. The UK is short of wise MPs and overcoming of out of this world unaffordable partial approaches. Better get new MP LEADERSHIPS. UK is

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