“HS2 is the biggest transport outrage of them all”

UKIP’s Transport Spokesman, Jill Seymour MEP, speaking at UKIP’s annual conference, Doncaster, 27th September 2014. From BBC Parliament.

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  1. The Biggest issue is when a SOS says I think it is too late: It is never too late to stop such a limited impact on Englands congested transport infastructure

    The SOS is said to have said on receiving a leaflet I think it is too late. It is never too late to reverse the Adonis Hammond Greening mistake for HS2 and by HS2.

    The UK’s PM revel in plans and any old plan and any spinned plan or notion. The PM promises for a time ahead of his time. Next Parliament we will. Will you and why didn’t you this time. No magic wands, no no pay back of the many ten of billions. The retiring one Head of the Civil Service says next Parliament will find it harder to make savings. It is not too late to vote against the main 3 parties who do not reverse their mistake of relying on HS2 and a retiring Permanent Secretary and two successors with little prior transport experience. The MP’s and Civil Servants and the executives will realise the misplaced judgments which have left it this late but not too late for your vote to count and vote against this HS2 please. Osborne and Cameron have had a chance and failed to demonstrate the selection of priorities whilst you lose land and value of homes. Time to act and vote to change the current incumbents and priorities.

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