Stop HS2 at Doncaster and Birmingham

Stop HS2 have a stand at the UKIP conference this weekend in Doncaster.

If you are there, please come and say hello to us. Ellie, the Stop HS2 elephant is also coming and we would be delighted to see any photos you take with her.

Update: Jane Seymour MEP, the UKIP transport Spokesperson has promised to scrap HS2

PS We will also be outside the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham from Sunday, where HS2AA have a stand in the Freedom Zone.

One comment to “Stop HS2 at Doncaster and Birmingham”
  1. HS2 concept plan fails to provide a main spine and spur for future additions to the route. Worshipped by some train spotters many people with experience of railway planning and operations consider HS2 has never had the potential for transforming rail travel. Too many existing issues not addressed by HS2.

    Does not connect the spaces in England to try and connecting the key medium scaled population centers or relieve the key transport corridors or join the sea and air ports. HS2 phase 1 total fails to connect and provide the modern rail wide gauge corridor needed for multiple rail modes.

    The DFT HS2 initial straight line fastest track has resulted in a future debt investment of over £60B for concept with no significant benefit to branch out for other rail and road uses and transport need for marginal costs.

    Better start defining all the plus 70 Million population and extended motorway slow down section and overlay HS2 which FAILS to provide the potential future solutions for affordable additions in the South East, Middle England, West Midlands and Northern Lancashire/Yorkshire areas.

    Better start with a more worthwhile approach and more productive routes to the every day and tomorrow problems the days of fast steam trains competing between Kings Cross and Euston to the North are long gone.

    HS2 and Lord Adonis FAILED to produce the national plan that provides the wider gains, creates new connections and builds the wide gauge spurs vital for freight and commuting. Slower speeds than HS2 plus 200mph for intercity are still time gains for travellers, but Gauge and more appropriate locations with some curves are the better approach for the large population pressures on the English countryareas and future need in England. The current political HS2 has failed to be awaited and there is little appetite for this project.

    Better start again and learn from this HS2 mistaken plan for better outcomes please.

    Maps available to demonstrate the conclusion.

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