“We invite HS2 Ltd to collaborate…”

The HS2 Hybrid Bill committee issued their first view of what HS2 Ltd and others should do on Wednesday. The statement is in full below:

1. CHAIR: We are going to hear today from Hansteen and Mr Dean O’Reilly. Before we do, I’m going to give some thoughts about the Committee’s view on what we’ve heard so far.

Enjoying the facilities round Curzon Street

Enjoying the facilities round Curzon Street, September 2014

2. On the Curzon Street station area design and development, having listened to petitioners, we think there is a case for more consultation with major landowners and other stakeholders, particularly on access to and from Digbeth through and around the Curzon Street station. We therefore invite HS2 to develop proposals in collaboration with local interests.

3. In the case of CPL, as the parties appear close we think that HS2 should work towards an improved offer on land return. We will hear then on that when the Committee first sits in October.

4. On Washwood Heath and the alternative options for facilities there proposed by Friends Life and Axa, the parties agreed to exchange further factual information. We will await that exchange before offering any view on the merits of the petitioners’ case.

5. On Lionbrook, we encourage the parties to work together towards agreement between now and when the Committee sits in October, to address the issues of access, safety, and the needs of tenants, and the prospective uncertain value of the site. If there is not an agreement at that point we will express a view on the merits of the parties’ cases.

6. We are not inviting further action on petitioners’ other requests heard to date. We do invite HS2 and all petitioners to reach accommodation as much as possible.

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