Economic impact of HS2 on Chiltern District

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Chiltern District Council has commissioned a report to assess the range and extent of the socio-economic impacts that construction and operation of HS2 is likely to have on the Chiltern District area.

The report, prepared by Peter Brett Associates,  details the travel delay and road maintenance costs over an eight-year construction period;  amenity loss , health and wellbeing impact, productivity loss and visitor spending loss over 60 years.

The 58-page report can be seen here CDC-Economic-Report-July-2014

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  1. Euston will take circa 20 years to create circa 11 platforms.
    The sequence of the development of HS2 is out of synchronisim.
    Revenue generation in the first 50 years with construction will not return the capital costs.
    Old Oak Common with most HS2 trains stopping will not cope with the demands being made on the location and area.

    The railway requirements do not fit into the unreal property and space available contraints.

    HS2 has become the UK’s Ebola theme a dreaded situation whilst people find their daily journeys by road and rail are no longer pleasant. No one can stop this Cameron and Osborne dictact in 2014. Hopefully the election in May 2015 can bring a change in Government to stop this developing mistaken priority and the UK or the England and Wales part of what was the UK can have new realistic goals with some leadership relating to reverse the misguided priorities Westminster is currently pursuing. What a chilling realisation the nation is off the rails on the big issues currently as politicians have shown their inability to guide the UK population from the dysfunctional debt and socially dangerous mountains mountains in the past decade. Time for a leadership focussed on corrrective actions not grand secondary schemes.

  2. Please submit written evidence on the Economic impacts for the House of Lords Inquiry should include the local economic out of pocket costs and local losses of communities and people

    The House of Lords want to hear your views in their call for evidence. Please reply about your impressions of local and neighbouring losses please. Thank you:

    Lords announce inquiry into the economic case for HS2 ……a-z/lords…/economic-affairs…/hs2-inquiry-launch/
    10 Jul 2014 – Lords announce inquiry into the economic case for HS2 … Inquiry: The Economic Case for HS2 · Select Committee of Economic Affairs · Submit … fall to the Hybrid Bill Committees of both Houses of Parliament – we are very …
    Economic Affairs Committee – UK Parliament › … › All committees A-Z › Lords Select
    The Economic Affairs Committee is one of the five permanent investigative committees in the House of Lords and is charged with considering economic affairs. … Inquiry launch: The Economic Case for HS2 · All Economic Affairs Committee …

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