HS2 threatens GPs exams

A day after the BBC news reported that falling GP numbers is causing real problems for GP surgeries, the Independent reports that HS2 is also threatening medical exams for GPs.

Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, Honorary Treasurer of the Royal College of General Practitioners said the refurbished RCGP headquarters next to Euston Station in London, the southern terminus of HS2, boasted “unique examination facilities” which would be rendered useless by the noise.

“The proposed works pose serious threats of long-term disturbance and disruption to the activities of the RCGP, most important the examination for the new GP trainees.

“Were the examinations not able to run due to the disturbance caused by HS2 this would mean that the UK would be deprived of thousands of new GPs each year.”

Similar concerns have been raised by the The Royal College of Ophthalmologists the professional body for eye doctors. One area of concern is their microsurgery training programs.

The details of the Royal College of GP’s petition are on the Parliament website.

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