25th July deadline to tell HS2 your preferred contact method

Last month, HS2 Ltd emailed people who petitioned against HS2 to Parliament to tell them that they had to set up an account on a ‘secure’ email system.

Since then, HS2 Ltd should have sent follow-up emails offering alternative methods: they gave a deadline of 25th July – this Friday – for petitioners to request an alternative.

This email system would allow HS2 Ltd to remove petitioners’ ability to see specific documents which HS2 Ltd had sent them as well as track who else was reading the documents.

Not surprisingly, many people who have already tried to deal with HS2 Ltd objected to this, including to the HS2 Hybrid Bill committee. In a statement on petition timetabling the Hybrid Bill committee “strongly urge[d] HS2 to offer alternative ways for petitioners to communicate with them if they prefer, including normal email and post”.

If you have not already done so, we recommend all petitioners to contact HS2 Ltd with a preferred email or postal address.

HS2 Ltd’s email:

Further to our email of 5 June the Select Committee considering the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill (the HS2 Bill) has asked that we write again to offer you an alternative to receiving your formal petition response document by means of a secure email service.

If you would prefer not to use the secure email service we had originally proposed, we would be happy to send you your petition response document by standard email or by post.

If you would like to receive your petition response document by standard email or by post, please let us know which you would prefer by 25 July 2014, by emailing or writing, quoting your petition number or numbers, to:

Petition Response Document distribution
Hybrid Bill Delivery Directorate
HS2 Ltd
5th Floor
Sanctuary Buildings
20 Great Smith Street
London SW1P 3BT
email: SystemsPMOTeam@hs2.org.uk

 I can also confirm that this choice of communication or delivery method applies only to the delivery of your petition response document.  All other communication in respect of your petition will be sent by standard email or post in the usual way.

One comment to “25th July deadline to tell HS2 your preferred contact method”
  1. 10 months to find the MPs and Councillors who will vote against this HS2 Route 3 openly claiming in their election pledge to not accept the current Select Committee narrow petitioning window for more route wide changes

    Please search for those MPs and Councillor candidates who will assist to change the limited remit of the Select Committee and challenge the Hybrid Bill Phase 1 Route 3 process and overturn Instructions which limit the opportunities to make changes for the better.

    Organise events and select people who will join those 40 peole who wisely voted that this HS2 phase 1 is not value for money and offers too little please. Thank you.

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