Newsnight on HS2

It sometimes seems odd, when given that those interested in politics are the people who watch Newsnight, that none of the reports from David Grossman on HS2 seem to have sunk in with the political classes. On the day of the HS2 vote, Grossman was at it again, showing that the case for HS2 is as shaky as ever. Here is that report, along with the 17 other times that the programme has covered HS2.

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  1. Churchill advised that listening may result in you agreeing with the arguments. MPs and the PM talk be people who challenge and articulate issues. As in the gaffs of the past it is clear they do hear but do not respond. This makes the practice ignorant. Brown and Blair found out and perhaps Cameron will find out that failing to address British public comment can be fatal for a career as Prime Minster.

    Please carry on to put forward the words of this Route 3 HS2 impact on your home and land and farm in the petition as the Select Parliamentary Committee may listen to a Newsnight and realise what you have been saying for 5 years by 2015. Cameron may have made a serious mistake in exposing the majority or MPs to ridicule with HS2 Route 3 phase 1 as currently aligned and proposed.

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