HS2, the national joke. Yet again

Yet again, MPs went and supported HS2, but everyone else saw that is was a joke.

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One comment to “HS2, the national joke. Yet again”
  1. HS2 misaligned the Route through Buckinghamshire and Aylesbury Vale when the IMD at Calvert was selected. From the M25 near Ruislip upto £2Billion is required for currently a half tunnel and to have no slope in the current tunnel an extension is required but that then has to drop onto the Aylesbury section over the River Thame where damage to farms and amenities are severe. The villages or Quainton Twyford and Chetwode follow along to Chipping Warden.
    There are alternative route proposed which HS2 in its rush chose to dismiss. There are alternative alignments also but again HS2 is dismissive because of the obsession to Route 3 alignment which simply fails to deliver comprehensive rail services for local people and fare box income. The local MPs have not been effective in the explanation of the alternatives because they do not have the grasp of the railway requirements and are Conservatives within a pro-HS2 party. The petitioning will be tested by its ability or not to correct dysfunctions in planning, railway engineering and democratic Parliamentary debates with votes. To date the outcome has not been a success by the British except to demonstrate how not to route a railway people consider fails to provide future needed services. The cost of £50B or more requires Britain to have the courage to change this unaccepted scheme through Buckinghamshire and Aylesbury Vale in its route alignment and purposes please.

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