HS2 Lead spokesman – Timescale for consultation ‘wholly unfair’

If you didn’t need to know that the current consultation on the Phase 1 Environmental Statement is unfair, here it is from Ben Ruse, the HS2 lead spokesman.

One comment to “HS2 Lead spokesman – Timescale for consultation ‘wholly unfair’”
  1. Life changing decisions by strangers have been taken behind closed doors for very many people along phase 1 HS2 and for all tax payers in the UK. The consequences and the corrections must be treated seriously. It is not about unfairness but responsible considerations. Mr Ruse demonstrates a lack of understanding of all the adverse changes HS2 is making through sprawling land take and degradation of the countryside and farming land. HS2 is proliferating bad planning along the Y Route and should have been reappraised several years ago. Mr Cameron and his Ministers have failed to display the leadship strength to consider how the UK railways will meet the long term needs of the UK. Certainly highest possible speed was the wrong criteria through central England. Dont be deterred but send in the responses by the 24 January to demonstrate how many people consider the Environmental Statement does not prove the case for Y phase 1 HS2 is the wrong project and wrong route for billions of pounds please.

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