Press Release 25 February 2011 STOP HS2 Disgusted by Sham Consultation Launch

Stop HS2 Limited is the National Campaigning Organisation against High Speed Two (HS2).

STOP HS2 is astounded by the actions of the DOT barring the public from the National Consultation Launch anticipated for Monday 28th February somewhere in Birmingham.

What does STOP HS2 know?

We know that on Monday 28th February there is an event in Birmingham called

“Investing in Britain’s future – High Speed Rail” click on the blue words for the website.

The website has been published by the Department of Transport and details the event as:-

 “High Speed Rail Consultation – Investing in Britain’s Future Monday 28 February – Central Birmingham 08.30 (for 0900) to 13.45”

STOP HS2 details some of their concerns about the manner in which the launch is being publicised and run.

1)    Emails relating to the event received from the DOT do not include the words “National” or “Consultation”  whatsoever – this is supposed to be a National Consultation

2)    No venue details are provided

3)    The phrase “Investing in Britain’s Future” is a leading statement not conducive to an objective consultation

4)    Many of us applied successfully to attend via the website only to receive emails withdrawing our registered places. No address or contact details to respond were provided.

STOP HS2’s Chairman Lizzy Williams posted an article today on STOP HS2’s website:-

“So to be consulted on a National Consultation you need an invitation? Even more astounding than that Richard Hebditch, Campaign Director for Campaign for Better Transport was due to speak at this event. I have just spoken to their office who has confirmed that approximately one hour after they issued this press release Richard received an email from the DOT saying they had changed their minds and he was no longer required to speak.

 STOP HS2 believes the National Consultation on HS2 is being deliberately hidden from the public whilst business is getting a full scale propaganda campaign across the country.

It is outrageous that the Government continues to ignore its own Code of Practice on Consultation. We applaud Matt Sinclair’s comments on the Conservative Home website yesterday concluding “Phillip Hammond is undermining the Government’s credibility on transparency”

We believe that without HS2, the Coalition Government does not have a sufficient growth plan for the country and business would rather have HS2 than nothing, regardless of the vast costs outweighing the benefits and it being completely unsustainable.

 We still do not know the exact remit for the consultation but what is clear is that most of the country will be completely unaware they are being asked to comment on a project which will waste a minimum of £33 billion with NO BUSINESS CASE, NO ENVIRONMENTAL CASE to support it and when the country can least afford it.”

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