Time to Burn HS2

Tonight in Speen – which isn’t on the HS2 route – villagers will be burning a giant model of the HS2 route at their fireworks event.

Tony Bobroff, of the Speen Playing Fields trust, said they are constructing a viaduct with three towers, with the higher fourth tower giving the impression of a train emerging from a tunnel.

He said
““Last year it was the houses of parliament and this year we want to go one better and build something topical like HS2.

“There’s a bring-a-guy competition which will be politicians, then we’re going to chuck them on and set fire to the lot.

“We have invited all the local MPs, and Cheryl Gillan has sent us a very nice letter but she can’t make it unfortunately.

Tony added:

“Primarily, to get it in perspective, it is about bonfire night. But thereafter, of course, it does send a political message.

“And we hope people will come along becasue we imagine it’ll probably be the biggest model of the train that they’ll ever see because I shouldn’t think they’ll be building one.”

The event will take place on the Speen Playing Fields, starting at 5.30. HS2 is expected to be burnt at about 6pm.

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