BBC Question Time – “Don’t feel all Nimbyist, HS2 is a crap idea wherever you live”

Just after Ed Balls asked whether HS2 was the best way to spend £50bn, BBC Question Time came to Uxbridge, where a question from Lottie Jones on HS2 finally woke up the audience. While in the studio it may have seemed like the widespread opposition to the project was due to the fact this show was filmed in Uxbridge, the audience reaction was similar to the previous time when HS2 came up on Question Time in Lancaster, where David Dimbleby said there was ‘Almost universal hostility’ to HS2.

Sadly in both cases, as James Delingpole pointed in Lancaster, it seemed to be a case of the general public versus the political class on HS2. Both clips can be viewed back-to-back on this playlist with two bonus clips.

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