One comment to “Their “own pride and vanity””
  1. as I said last year HS2 is Camerons ‘let them eat cake moment’
    He is so disengaged from the populace he does not know the price of a loaf, nor does he understand how most people are living. He is a very rich and privileged man who has used a PR masquarade for the common touch.
    He has no liking, interest or understanding of ordinary people.
    His commitment to HS2 and the huge squandering of tax payer’s money on the same is entirely politically motivated as recent history reveals. No matter what PR spin they use we know their game. Given their is no other justifiable answer to be found for HS2 by anyone not a beneficiary of the scheme (strip away the spin and propaganda) it remains the emperor’s new clothes and a political fraud.
    This is not just a vanity project is is an elitist piece of political bullying and a PR gesture based on demographic modelling and the limted hope of winning Northern marginals. These are looking more fragile than ever.
    Its not intercity transport but the inabilty to pay for essential energy and nutrition that is the basis of most peoples concerns
    We are to be told of more cuts in the forthcoming weeks it was announced today…….of necessity to remove us from banker based financial meltdown.
    The elite get richer, the middle class are an endangered species and the poor are working for proportionately less and less.
    The giovernment are ‘saving’ by reducing rights to justice etc and yet are extravagant in the extreme on poorly considered projects that favour their lobbyists.

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