Forthcoming Phase 2 Consultation Events

HS2 Ltd Consultation Events for the Phase 2 Route consultation. HS2 Ltd recommend checking their website (click on “Information Events” in the left hand menu).

We will be issuing more guidance on answering the consultations after the Party Conferences. In the meantime, make sure you say that you disagree with HS2 as part of your consultation response, for instance by including in your answer to question 1 “I disagree with the route because I disagree with HS2”.


Event Area




Leeds Friday 18th October 12pm – 8pm The Met Hotel
King Street, Leeds LS1 2HQ
Leeds Saturday 19th October 10am – 5pm The Met Hotel
King Street, Leeds LS1 2HQ
Kingsbury Wednesday 23rd October 12pm – 8pm Kingsbury Community & Youth Centre
Pear Tree Avenue, Kingsbury, Tamworth B78 2LN
Stone Thursday 24th October 12pm – 8pm Yarnfield Park
Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield ST15 0NL
Handsacre Friday 25th October 12pm – 8pm Armitage with Handsacre Village Hall
Shropshire Brook Road, Armitage, Rugeley WS15 4UZ
Whitmore Saturday 26th October 10am – 5pm Whitmore & District Village Hall
Coneygreave Lane, Whitmore,Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5 5HX
Church Fenton Wednesday 30th October 12pm – 8pm Scarthingwell Golf Club
Scarthingwell Lane, Tadcaster LS24 9PF
Garforth Thursday 31st October 12pm – 8pm Garforth Academy
Lidgett Lane, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1LJ
Woodlesford Friday 1st November 12pm – 8pm TBC
Barnsley Saturday 2nd November 10am – 5pm Barnsley Town Hall
Church Street, Barnsley S70 2TA
Madeley Wednesday 6th November 12pm – 8pm The Madeley Centre
New Road, Madeley, Nr Crewe CW3 9DN
Winsford Thursday 7th November 12pm – 8pm Winsford Lifestyle Centre
The Drumber, Winsford CW7 1AD
Meadowhall Friday 8th November 12pm – 8pm English Institute of Sport Sheffield
Coleridge Road, Sheffield S9 5DA
Meadowhall Saturday 9th November 10am – 5pm English Institute of Sport Sheffield
Coleridge Road, Sheffield S9 5DA
Crofton Wednesday 13th November 12pm – 8pm Crofton Community Centre
Middle Lane, New Crofton, Wakefield WF4 1LB
Killamarsh Thursday 14th November 12pm – 8pm Killamarsh Sports Centre
Stanley Street, Killarmarsh S21 1EL
Long Eaton Friday 15th November 12pm – 8pm Westpark Leisure Centre
Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton NG10 4AA
Long Eaton Saturday 16th November 10am – 5pm Westpark Leisure Centre
Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton NG10 4AA
Culcheth Thursday 21st November 12pm – 8pm Culcheth Sports Club
Charnock Road, Culcheth, Warrington WA3 5SH
Leigh Friday 22nd November 12pm – 8pm Leigh Sports Village Stadium
Sale Way, Leigh, Manchester WN7 4JY
Altrincham Saturday 23rd November 10am – 5pm TBC
Measham Wednesday 27th November 12pm – 8pm Measham Leisure Centre
High Street, Measham, Swadlincote DE12 7HR
Bolsover Thursday 28th November 12pm – 8pm Bolsover Assembly Hall Community Centre
Hilltop Avenue, Bolsover S44 6NG
Staveley Friday 29th November 12pm – 8pm The Speedwell Rooms
Inkersall Road, Staveley, Chesterfield S43 3JL
Strelley Saturday 30th November 10am – 5pm Bilborough College
College Way, Nottingham NG8 4DQ
Tamworth Wednesday 4th December 12pm – 8pm Tamworth Assembly Rooms
Corporation Street, Tamworth B79 7DN
Ashby de la Zouch Thursday 5th December 12pm – 8pm Hood Park Leisure Centre
North Street, Ashby de la Zouch LE65 1HU
Tatton Friday 6th December 12pm – 8pm Tatton Park
Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6QN
Tatton Saturday 7th December 10am – 5pm Tatton Park
Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6QN
South Normanton Monday 9th December 12pm – 8pm The Postmill Centre
Market Street, South Normanton DE55 2EJ
Stafford Tuesday 10th December 12pm – 8pm Staffordshire Show Ground
Weston Road, Stafford ST18 0BD
Crewe Friday 13th December 12pm – 8pm Crewe Alexandra Football Club
Gresty Road, Cheshire CW2 6EB
Crewe Saturday 14th December 10am – 5pm Crewe Alexandra Football Club
Gresty Road, Cheshire CW2 6EB
Wythenshawe Thursday 9th January 12pm – 8pm Forum Centre
Forum Square, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5RX
Manchester Friday 10th January 12pm – 8pm Manchester Town Hall
Albert Square, Manchester M2 5DB
Manchester Saturday 11th January 10am – 5pm Manchester Town Hall
Albert Square, Manchester M2 5DB
5 comments to “Forthcoming Phase 2 Consultation Events”
  1. If the govenment was serious about our countryside and wildlife and theysay speed is not the main reason for hs2 .Then why not build it along our motorway corridor .Mr Osbourne says our railways are full and we need hs2 but why can he have the track bend around where he lives ? it seems one law for them and another law for us the poor ,we must bow down and touch our forelock like our Victoria cousins after all they keep saying we must accept like the Victorians did when the built there railways so shut up and put up we no best . We are going to build it no matter at what ever the cost even if we loose the next general election this must go forward so we can say our govenment built it

  2. well done Cll Birchley and the community at Little Kingshill.
    The pall bearers and Chiltern AONB coffin was a microdramatic representation.
    The hissy fit behaviour of the HS2 ltd team was a national drama played out for all to see, arrogant, rude and as ever no answers to serious questions and yes EU/Govt box ticking exercises.

    It is quite correct the AONB is used/visited by more people than use the Lake District and produces revenue/tourism for the shires within the AONB.
    These losses have not been addressed, nor the value of the damage to the AONB although this was supposedly govt pollicy for all such developmental schemes. HS2 ltd refused to quantify this value.

    No contigent valuation has been made of the damage that HS2 will cause to the Chilterns AONB. Such a financial valuation should be made under best practice in order to make an appraisal of the scheme.

    These matters arise as the Government is presented with more information about the value of nature and protected environments
    The State of Natural Capital Report:
    “Natural capital assets are in decline and should be measured. Changes in natural capital should be included in national and corporate accounts, properly valued and those values effectively included in decision-making processes. Stewardship of natural capital is good for growth”. The State of Nature Report (TSNR) offers clues to the fate of the UK’s 59,000 species. 70 % in decline. On a day when it is reported that native flora and fauna are under threat and there is a decline in biodiversity habitats it is extra=ordinary that the Govt. .endorsed HS2 threatens so much.

    I raised this in my submission to the Paving Bill committee.
    Perhaps we should ask our MPs to raise it directly in the House.

    The news that HS2 ltd are planning to “to contract firms together at the outset of the £42.6bn scheme, rather than procure work “sequentially when it is needed” suggests to me that this is a strategy to cement contracts in anticipation in a hope that it consolidates the project ( and promises work) and themselves as managers to be used as part of the propaganda mill this occurring ahead of Parliamentary scrutiny and debate on the plan that is not a plan as
    yet in the eyes of the law.

    • Is the idea of contracting all the work at the start of the scheme perhaps a way of making it too costly to cancel? Going back a some years to the BNRR/M6 Toll, when the Labour Party was in opposition they were against the scheme but when they came to power in 1997 they didn’t cancel it claiming that the legal agreement that had been made with the operators made it too costly for the government to cancel due to penalty clauses. I can see the same thing happening again (if HS2 gets that far).

      Doing the contracting work all in one go at the start is going to make it more expensive. Having to plan longer ahead means contractors will have to add more in for contingencies. Meanwhile we have seen companies walk away from contracts when things have gone too expensive, so I doubt if there is any benefit gained to balance to downsides.

      • The notion that this would make it too costly to cancel (penalties etc) is exactly what concerned me.
        Especially when the project has yet to have parliamentary discussion and is a legally only a plan…….one that could attract penalties if it does not progress.
        Perhaps some of this strategy and the recently revealed wild life and excavation material dumping in the AONB will be useful when the environmental aspects of the case goes to Supreme Court.

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