Highlights from the Public Accounts Committee

Following getting a complete kicking from the Public Accounts Committee in 2012, HS2 Ltd went back to get another kicking in 2013. Here are the highlights.

The full session can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Rxynv_ndI8

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  1. So now we are supposed to give up our homes,businesses,countryside,communities,equity and future because they have invested too much political capital in this dire project–NOT LIKELY!!

  2. Definitely another gravy train for those involved but not the British taxpayer who will be even greater in debt through taxation providing all the money. But at a projected cost of £80 billion by the IEA , HS2 is sheer madness for the taxpayer and we have to invest this finance into future home-grown energy security. For the sheer folly of the HS2 project presently costing now a projected £80 billion and where on all past mega-government projects these costs will be at least 50% more at the end, has to be scraped if common-sense ever prevails. Indeed assuming that inflation stays around 3% over the next 20 years (which it will not and will be greater as global commodities that we have to import go up continuously) even at £80 billion it would then be by 2033 some £145 billion. But this is stupidity when our first priority as a nation should be our energy security, as this is the fundamental building block of any economy. Therefore our primary development above all others should be to get our total home-produced energy security first and in our own hands (not in the hands of foreign powers). To see how ludicrous this HS2 is (that will take great energy and treasury finance without end to keep it running once completed) we are surrounded with 24/7 free energy at our fingertips, the energy of the sea. Indeed one project alone that I am fully aware of but where Whitehall has suppressed it is the Western Water Highway (WWH). This project alone would save transport costs in the UK and reduce heavy haulage by 50% on our congested roads. It would also have the immense benefit of providing 20% of the nation’s energy needs in perpetuity once it was built providing more-or-less ‘free’ energy in perpetuity with very little maintenance (unlike the future maintenance costs of wind turbines). The cost a mere £20 billion and a quarter of the now projected HS2 cost that will need treasury support forever once built and only take from the UK and not give back. Again it shows how stupid Whitehall really is. Indeed no need for Fracking either and all the adverse effects that this will bring for future generations to come if we built five equivalent hydro schemes powered by the free energy of the sea 24/7, 365 days and nights a year. Government and Whitehall have to wake up to reality, not grow our immense debt even further with any relative benefit for the people of Britain. Whitehall and Government madness has to stop now.

    Dr David Hill
    Chief Executive
    World Innovation Foundation

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