Purpose of Sunday’s Meeting

Quainton Memorial Hall, 6pm, Sunday 18th April

The meeting is for people in our communities who are prepared to work on a campaign challenging HS2.

It is working meeting, not a public meeting and no new information is expected to be given about HSR or its proposed routes. 

At the end we want to have:

(a) identified people who are prepared to take a leadership role in their local communities, as part of or alongside Parish Councils, informing communities and public opinion.

(b) identified people who have specialist skills who wish to make them available in a working or advisory capacity.  These could fall into a number of areas including:

  • Group Administration And Development (including Media and Communication)
  • Community Liaison
  • Law & Policy
  • Business Group
  • Economic and Financial
  • Conservation
  • Technical
  • Mitigation

We look forward to seeing you.

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