STOP HS2 Emergency Appeal

Happy New Year to you all!

I am writing to you in my role as Chairman of STOPHS2 to ask for your help.

STOPHS2 is run entirely by volunteers. We have achieved huge things so far in our campaign, in particular mass media coverage of our fight. We also have a genuine desire to continue helping those directly affected by HS2 who have nowhere to turn for support.

We have not actively fundraised to date but we are now at a stage where a National Consultation is being launched by the Government in February and we now have a funding crisis.  STOPHS2 needs money as an emergency to be in a position to inform the public nationally of the other side of the story and on the same scale as the Government.

In order to take our side of the story nationally we need vehicles, fuel, people, literature and time to travel the country as the Government will be doing. We can not do this without funding.  We can not detail our exact proposals here as we know we are under constant surveillance! However, we are working with the Federation of Action Groups to ensure a nationally co-ordinated approach.

We understand the current economic climate makes it difficult to give. Please, if you can offer any help you contribute by PayPal on this site or by sending a cheque to:  STOPHS2 Ltd, 310 Cromwell Lane, Burton Green, Warwickshire, CV8 1PL.  Also, if you can offer services in lieu; printing, vehicle hire, merchandise, T-Shirts etc. please do contact us at

STOPHS2 Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and is completely accountable. You can see details of our four directors by reading the about us section on this website. We also have approximately 20 members who hold us to account, and also have a say in running the company.

There are two other ways you can help and help now.

  • Support the “White Elephant” social, an event at the Meriden Manor Hotel on 14th January 2011. For details please see the events page. Speaking will be Geoffrey Robinson MP and myself.
  • Stoneleigh Agricultural Centre is hosting the STOPHS2 national convention on 19th February 2011. This will be largest anti-HS2 event held to date with room for 500 delegates. We will focus on three key areas, The Business Case, The Environmental Case and Enabling Communities. All are welcome. We are asking for a £10.00 voluntary contribution from delegates to cover expenses but this is not obligatory. Please email me directly for further details

We need your help. Please help us, to help you,  help our country STOPHS2.


Lizzy Williams

Chairman STOPHS2

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