Aspiring to Amber/red

BBC News Report from Saturday 25th May confirming that the Major Projects Authority categorised HS2 as Amber/Red* status. This is 13 months after the Department for Transport admitted Amber/Red status is “not something they aspire to”.

*successful delivery of the project is in doubt with major risks or issues in a number of key areas

PS If you want to see “Seeing the light (the red one that says Stop HS2): The Amber/Red song” starring Margaret Hodge MP, it’s on video here – Margaret Hodge: I’m Nobody’s Fool on HS2

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  1. We have just come back from a hs2 forum the new word is we have to balance the project between cost and doing this type of project .in other words we will do what we can but give us your land let us build our train if we have any spare money left at the end you may get your tree,s and life back so shut up and put up its all in the name of progress .and we need our train to be bullit other wise the whole of our country is in trouble

  2. With people dying in hospital A&E because of lack of funds no amberlances available mps making love and rapeing people spending billions on hs2 is it me or have our leaders gone mad .can a handful please come forward and show there credentials and put a stop to hs2 and then build on that platform to make our services the envy of the world .

  3. They are cutting costs and who will suffer? Not those doing the planning, or printing out the maps that actually mean nothing .Why because they are cutting the costs of making this atrocity slightly ? bearable for those that will have to endure it for 19 hours a day.That is after years of
    Dust, Disruption and Delays oh and no doubt lots of mud.

  4. With all the questions over mps I have to wonder how many are in for back pocket pay packets with hs2 ? After all not many are asking questioning costs and what the transport dept are spending all this money on the hs2 . The whole project just stinks of under hand practice .trying to be under hand with all the people along the route using out of date projections not being honest with the people why are they always trying to trick us by saying it will save the country and create all these jobs .with all the people coming into our country over the next 20yrs all we are doing is giving up our countryside homes business’s for jobs for them not for our own people .if they want jobs all the billions being spent would create jobs now but no they just keep on banging on about hs2 is the answer to all .they should grasp the nettle and cancel this vanerty project

  5. Our MP’s should be forming a group to oppose in parliament and informing those MP’s who because of their location know nothing or very little about hs2
    Surely there is enough ammunition now

    • John you are right with hs2 now trying to cut costs and mitigation componsion ect where are our mps demanding a stop put to this folly all we here is excuses from hs2 the main one is give us more money your land for nothing just shut up it will be ok when it is built .well we are fed up with them pushing us around let’s all get our mps behind us or ukip will win the day I am sure George Osborne rules the day he backed hs2 as many more mps

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