MPA Report sneaked out, but still damning for HS2

The long awaited  Major Projects Authority review has at long last been published: on a Friday before a bank holiday, sparking accusations of “burying bad news”.

With respect to HS2, they have given a rating of amber/red: unchanged since the first time they looked at it.

The Department for Transport defended themselves saying to the MPA

“The DfT welcomes the MPA’s examination of the HS2 programme but this is a view from June 2012 and considerable progress has been made since then.

This is very similar to what Patrick McLoughlin said about the National Audit Office review of HS2:

“…welcomed any examination of the HS2 programme”, but did “not accept the NAO’s core conclusion. This is because it depends too much on out of date analysis and does not give due weight to the good progress that has been made since last year.”

Stop HS2 think that if the situation with HS2 had improved improved as much as McLoughlin and the DfT would like people to think, they would be rushing to publish the information that confirmed this at high speed.

The situation is actually the opposite. Although the High Speed Rail (Preparation) bill  promises annual reports, it defines the first financial year as ending on 31st May 2015 – two years time.

It’s clear that McLoughlin is unwilling to let people see what’s happening – because he knows that HS2 is a white elephant, behind schedule and over budget years before construction is due to start.

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  1. Well the govt is out dated themselves by using an outdated technology of, hard-grinding wheel on wheel, rail, as opposed to high-tech, floating on magnetic cushion, Maglev.
    It would be a lot faster, different route – save a lot of houses from being demolished, more beneficial, if the govt was more forward thinking and used (or even looked at at least) this futuristic transport technology, rather then envying the 1970’s TGV.

  2. The total capital requirement is over £300B for 200 projects. With the department requests on
    The material is available for public access on the link

    Major Projects – HM Treasury › Public spending & reporting‎

    In line with this aim, the Major Projects Authority (MPA) has been established within the Cabinet Office’s Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG), with the aim of …
    The department demands are:

    Department Departmental Aggregated Project Whole Life Costs (£m) for Q2 12/13 (with Exemptions)
    MOD 88,147.34
    DWP 26,506.25
    DfE 6,699.00
    DfT 46,573.59
    DoH 19,229.59
    HO 6,663.11
    BIS 13,200.68
    DECC 81,546.14
    HMRC 1,221.30
    ONS 521.00
    MoJ 7,735.69
    DCMS 1,464.70
    CO 1,217.83
    DEFRA 3,968.75
    FCO 347.93
    DfID 423.47
    DCLG 115.21
    HMT 19.56
    NS&I –

    Exemptions 48,135.91

    Total 353,737.05

    The numbers are:
    Department Number of Projects on GMPP by Department for Q2 12-13
    MOD 36
    DH 21
    HO 20
    MOJ 18
    DfT 17
    DECC 12
    DWP 12
    BIS 10
    HMRC 9
    DCMS 6
    FCO 6
    CO 5
    ONS 5
    DCLG 4
    DEFRA 4
    DfE 2
    HMT 2
    DFID 1
    NS&I 1

    TOTAL 191

    Reviewing the project tracker in the
    Public Private Partnerships News | PPP News document‎

    Public Private Partnerships News and updates from Partnerships Bulletin providing in-depth updates on international Public Private …

    lists the 1700 projects since 1995 in the UK.

    It is the mega project demand for so few programmes which is a concern as it prevents the breadth of the UK manufacturing need being sustained and developed.

    The UK has lurched from famine to feast and now to planning for another feast whilst the larder is unstocked and the debt is larger.

    Drastic pruning and recognising these large numbers do not map into more jobs across the UK populations but large capital spending overseas. More careful and focussed project plans are required across more sectors than these HMG departments. Are these projects about preserving and growing civil servant empires through government borrowings.

    Time to be more objective in Government and avoid the lavish over spending within this MPA listing

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