Last day of EHS consultation (Phase 2)

Today is the last day of the Exceptional Hardship Scheme for Phase 2 of HS2, which finishes at 5pm.

Documents can be downloaded from the HS2 Ltd website here.

The HS2 Ltd online response form is here.

You can also email responses to

Please respond!

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7 comments to “Last day of EHS consultation (Phase 2)”
  1. I am some what Suprised that clr Michael jones ia saying hs2 is a done deal and he can not stop it going ahead when so many people are against the project only to day it as come out that we are distroying our country side at a alarming rate also our wildlife even David Attenborough as come out today against building on our countryside if it is right what mr jones says then what are we all doing trying to stop this project and waisting all of our time and energy

  2. Valerie, your letter should not have been published. You need to see your solicitor immediately. You will have no chance by yourself. The EHS Consultation has finished. This gave the impression that you had to respond in order to be considered. However, that would be outrageous even by current standards. With help, you will be able to put forward a strong claim and have it properly considered.

    • Hi all,
      Stop HS2 have been contacted by several people who are concerned for Valerie. We emailed her yesterday, and offered her help.

      If you are in a similar situation, you are not alone. There are volunteers within the campaign who will help you, with filling in the EHS forms etc. The first step is to get in touch with your local action group if you have one. Or you can email and we will do what we can.

      Comments like Valerie’s are helpful to other people who may be in a similar situation. It shows the very human cost of HS2 to people now, so if any of our readers are thinking about commenting about their own situation, please do.

  3. I now see that mps are in line for a big pay rise .i wonder as hs2 is over budget and theyare so egar for it to go ahead how Many of them would donate there rise to the project after all they want us to give up our homes and loose thousands of pounds because of blight .not many i bet .

  4. I have been recently widowed and am living in a large farmhouse on the proposed route of HS2. My ability to make any future decisions about downsizing and moving into a more urban area as I get older ( am 65 now) have been made impossible by being unable to sell my home , as here we are now living in what is described as ‘ a BLIGHT ZONE’. It will be impossible for me to continue to maintain a large property and gardens as I get older and to live in this situation one must be fit and able to drive. I have already tried to submit this information already but am unsure if it is getting through. Does this qualify me to apply to this hardship scheme?

    • Valerie re your home I don,t expect hs 2 will help after all they are now saying we are over budget on this project .you will asked because of your love of England and we need to build our railway you will have to give your home away for next to nothing like the rest of us in your position .sorry to give you the bad new,s but now you know how you stand

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