An Ode to HS2

This was written by Trevor Forrester of Stafordshire Against HS2

An Ode to HS2

Gather ye round for a tale of no good
For your leaders have lied to you good people of Haywood
For that beast it will cometh at great speed and great height
To destroy our fair town and create massive blight.

It will come like the devil out of the night
Rumbling on rails creating great fright
Screaming and rumbling as it races by
At high noise and with stress like a tornado in the sky

Our houses our gardens our life and our way
Are destroyed in a flash as the fools get their way
We remember our Sundays peaceful no strife
In our Gardens with children all loving our life

But the beast doth cometh 250 miles an hour.
Those quiet Sundays all over with the noise of that power.
Our children afraid whilst the old they will cower.
And the faceless men in grey suits will still wear that flower.

Onwards it travels consuming all that it sees
Destroying environment all wildlife and trees
Swallowing up farms houses and land
Misery and blight as their plan shows its hand

Hopton and Marston and Colton all pay
As it races through there to destroy them in its way
Those beautiful valleys and hills with a view
Shall have this great beast at high speed hurtling through

This new rail that has no reason to live
Given life by our leaders but has nothing to give
There is no business plan that experts can see
With no money to build and no reason to be.

We will give you a say and consult and be lawful
A high court then rules their actions unfair and unlawful
An ethical company for the people it may claims
Whilst it damages our lives and our homes it maims

A thing for the few at great cost to us all
£1500 all homes with no benefit to all.
Politicians galore think it an English Rose
Without proper learning they are led by the nose

33 billion they say as they casually tell us the cost
Whilst hospitals close and education is lost
We have the money they say yet our nation owes trillions.
Austerity measures high taxes for millions.

Our nation in debt as they lose us our credit
Stars important once and shocked by our debit
No money we hear for the old and the young
Education left hanging and hospitals left hung

No caution we see as we watch their spending lust
The plight of Spain with Italy and Cypress near bust
Our reserves spent by Brown our gold now gone with no fright
Yet 33bn can be found with no pain or no fight

All alone we still stand this great beast at our door.
But with all victims we stand we wont take any more.
To the Staffs CC we sent a letter
Don’t only meet suits which will make blight no better.

In disarray now as we have seen through your rattle,
But we urge you to act, and engage in this battle.
There’s more you can do so look at the blight
And join the 18 and use your great might.

51m are heroes and all 18 are together
HS2 AA and its lawyers are just as clever
With Joe Rukin campaigning to Stop HS2
And AGAHST in the frame to always help too.

So come join with us now and show us your hand.
To help stop this folly from destroying your land.
We can stop HS2 by all legal means.
We have the moral high ground so to battle it seems.

Whilst they have more resource and we have none
We need your help and donation so this train will be gone
We can then stop our worry and stress on our lives
And think of the future our parent’s children and wives

Trevor Forrester March 2013

2 comments to “An Ode to HS2”
  1. @ Trevor

    I hear what you say with heart, mind and soul,
    That the beast you fear, as it transforms and grows through our country,
    Is, and will be forever, hungry.

    It feeds upon our land, the good spirited people, and their purses,
    It growls and blunders as it treads with mighty feet,
    Oblivious of its destruction, upon those it sees as meat.

    Its footprints multiply and multiply, as it stomps in search of prey,
    Widening its territory at every step it takes,
    Unknowing of the maleficent strides it makes.

    As George slay the dragon,
    So this morphing beast must be too, before it obliterates good lives,
    We must ensure the natural essence of England, so precious, survives.

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