Amersham HS2 Post Judicial Review Meeting March 2013

“It’s not illegal to behave in an idiotic and immoral way”: Post judicial review meeting in Amersham, Bucks with speakers Hilary Wharf (HS2 Action Alliance), Cheryl Gillan MP (Chesham & Amersham), Martin Tett (Leader Bucks CC & Chair of 51m group of local authorities) and Steve Rodrick (Chief Officer, Chilterns Conservation Board). From Sat 16th March 2013.

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  1. Where have all the bees bluebells butterfly’s ect gone ? Will be the question asked when this govenment as finished building and concreting over our lovely countryside with hs2 homes and the rest .we are a small island and can only take so much .they should stop hs2 build on brown field sites only and start to respect what we have in this country of ours .why do they think everyone wants to come here apart from the benefits we offer

  2. the number of people requesting comparison of alternative routes was one of the larger proportions even though multiple counts were not allowed for in the dbd counts. The proposals were too vague with m1 or m40 being the labels used and not the routes 1 to 8 and variants. The government did not carry out proper alternative assessments prior to preferring route 3. The multiple cloned inputs for some pro and against groups resulted in people with very legitimate objections due to money or amenity or countryside local losses were disregarded.

    In 2010 there was not the level of planning or local knowledge in arup and
    Hs2. The communities were omitted from plan adjustments. Buckinghamshire was not the soft target attacked for a questioned restrictive proposal. For the sake of retaining the phrase best of british this prime minister could not do better than start again and check the reasons for widespread disenchantment.


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